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Serving the Needs of Northern Wisconsin Since 1937!

Pukall Lumber Company is a family-owned and -operated wood products manufacturer located in Arbor Vitae. The sawmill was founded by Fred Pukall in 1937. Since that time, Pukall Lumber has grown steadily and is one of the largest pine lumber mills in the state and the premier lumber and building supply businesses in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

We saw primarily red and white pine logs into dimension lumber for the construction industry. In addition to lumber, Pukall’s manufactures solid wood flooring and paneling, wood sidings and moldings.

Our logs are sourced mainly from northern Wisconsin’s extensive private, state and federal forests, from woodlands that are marked for selective harvesting and timber stand improvement. This means we are able to practice complete quality control, from the selection of the logs to planing of the lumber to manufacture of specialty items.



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