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Woods of Woodruff—The Best in Wood Products

Flooring, Paneling, Wood & Log Siding and More!

Woods of Woodruff"Woods of Woodruff" refers to specialty products manufactured right here at Pukall Lumber's Arbor Vitae manufacturing facility. These specialty wood products include end-matched hardwood flooring, paneling, log siding, and many other styles of wood sidings.

Every facet of our woods production takes place in this Northwoods lumbering hub—from the initial selection of our logs to the final packaging of our products. That means complete quality control is practiced, with master craftsmen overseeing every step of production.

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End Matched Flooring & Paneling

flooringThe Woods of Woodruff provide a wide variety of wood products for floors, walls, and ceilings.
There's nothing quite like the natural beauty and warm character of wood, and there's no paneling or flooring quite like The Woods of Woodruff, Wisconsin. Unlike laminates or veneers, our 3/4" solid wood planks will resist wear and remain beautiful for several lifetimes.

Our hardwood floors and paneling are available in maple, red oak, and ash in either the clear "Select" or the knotty "Colonial" grades. The Northern Pine wood species is also suitable for floors, while our other softwoods - white pine, aspen and cedar - are softer and therefore better suited to wall and ceiling paneling. The Woods of Woodruff are pre-sanded and unfinished - you select the stain that suits your decor. When installed as a floor and given a Wearmax® finish, an occasional vacuuming and damp-mopping is all that's required to maintain the wood’s natural beauty.

Our Narrowline design, with a micro-bevel along the edges and ends, comes in random widths of 3", 4" and 5". Square Edge, with a tight fit like traditional strip flooring, comes in 3" and 4" widths.  The Shadowline design has a slightly wider spread between each plank and is best suited to walls and ceilings, and comes in random widths of 4", 5" and 6".  All three designs are bundled to include boards with lengths of 18"' to 60".

Tongue and groove construction on edges and ends, and special grooves on the bottom, make The Woods of Woodruff particularly resistant to warping and cupping.

Interior Paneling Profiles

Profile lengths from 8' to 16' lengths. Rollover the image below to see the details of each profile.

Exterior Siding

Pukall Lumber has been manufacturing siding from northern softwoods for more than 60 years, and has whatever you want in vertical or horizontal patterns: drop siding, channel lap, board & batten, and dolly varden are all popular choices.  We also have one of the region’s largest selection of western cedar siding, with twelve styles in stock.


Log Siding

For the look of a full log home but with the design flexibility and extra energy efficiency of frame construction, Pukall Lumber Company offers a variety of log siding styles.  Choose from a half-log look to a just slightly rounded profile, in either red pine or spruce.

Log siding is an excellent choice for converting existing homes or garages to a log home look.  To complete the image of an authentic log home, we also supply full tail mitered corner extensions.


We also offer vinyl sidings by CertainTeed and Alcoa, as well as Hardiplank fiber-cement siding.  L&S cultured stone is perfect for fireplaces and exterior accents